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About Swarna Mudra Plan
The Swarna Mudra plan offers customers a plan to accumulate Swiss Gold Grams at periodic intervals and at the end of the term offer fulfillment in 24 Carat Swiss Gold Coins of 99.99% purity. The plan also comes with the added benefit of a free Life risk cover.
Today's Gold Rate - 24c (
21-07-2014   Rs. 3339.60
Product Description  Accumulate gold grams periodically with free Risk Coverage
Gold Coin Purity 24 carat imported Swiss Gold Coins of 99.99% purity.
Grams Credited Upto 2 decimal points round down.
Gold Coin Denominations 0.5 / 1 / 5 / 8 / 10 gms.
Gold Price Parity with India Post price. Gold Price to be declared daily by 11.00 am on business/working days.
Eligibility Any Resident Indian Individual including minors & HUFs.
Minimum Initial Advance Rs.12,000/-
Monthly Advance This monthly advance, the customer will pay for the entire tenure. The customer needs to commit the same at the time of registration.
Minimum Monthly Advance Rs.2,000/- and in multiples of Rs.1,000/- thereafter.
Maximum Monthly Committed Advance Unlimited in frequency and amount.
Tenure 3 / 5 / 7 / 10 years
Payment Modes ECS/Direct debit. Initial Payment by DD.
Charges • Penalty Charges of Rs.150/- to be levied in case of ECS/Direct Debit bounce or failure to realize.
• On rejection of application due to incorrect information provided in ECS/Direct Debit mandate, attributable to intentional misrepresentation of information on the part of the customer Rs.1,000/- penalty charge to be levied and the remaining amount to be refunded to the customer.
Minimum Value Purchase R.60,000/- promotional offer for 6 months. Rs.75,000/- from 01/01/2013
Premature Termination
Premature Termination Fee to be levied on redemption less than the minimum purchase value as per the following table:
Description Less than 24 Greater than 24
Exit Load 8000 5000
If the customer does not make payment towards premature termination fee, the equivalent grams would be deducted as per the day’s Gold rate.
Lock-in Period 12 months. Customer cannot redeem within the lock-in period.
Eligibility for Risk Cover Resident Indian Individuals between the Age of 18 and 44.
Sum Assured On pending Monthly Subscription.
Maximum Risk Cover Rs.10 Lakhs
Risk Cover Date 3 months from the Start of the Plan.
Risk Claim Settlement Risk Claims will be settled only in the form of Gold Coins.
Allotment of Grants Allotment of grams will be based on the price of gold as on the date of realization of funds in the bank account of Surat Diamond.


Accumulate Gold with Free Risk Coverage: Accumulate Gold grams periodically with free risk coverage.

Multiple Payment Mode: DD/ECS/Direct Debit.

Purity:  Collect 99.99% purity 24 karat Swiss gold coins in fractional grams while redemption.

Cost Averaging:  Benefit of averaging the Price of Gold over the Tenure of the Plan.

Rate Benefit: More Gold Grams credited when the Price of Gold is low.

Flexibility: You may increase or decrease the Investment amount during the tenure of the plan.

Free Insurance Cover:  On pending installments in case of untimely demise of the customer.

Secure:  Get receipts after every payment. You can redeem your Gold from Surat Diamond Jewellery Branches.

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I. Check Eligibility:-

 The following persons (subject to permissions under their respective constitutions and relevant State Regulations) are eligible to subscribe to the Plan:

(1) Adult Resident Indian Individuals
(2) Non – resident Indians
(3) Minors wherein Parents / Lawful guardians are applying on behalf of minors
(4) Hindu Undivided Families (HUFs) in the name of HUF or Karta
II. Our Points of Presence:- 

You can submit your Application Forms at our Points of Presence.

For the list of our Points of presence please click here:

III. Franchisee List:- 

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